Workshop Ideas

There is a wealth of wisdom within our camping community—including your wisdom! The following list is intended to help direct your experience and knowledge to this year’s theme, Recipe for Success, and to encourage you to deliver a workshop at the 2016 BC Camping Conference.

By illustrating suggested topics, the Conference Committee aims to strengthen the focus of our workshop streams and enhance the quality of content offered to participants. However, this list is not definitive. The Committee encourages submissions for additional workshop ideas.


Leadership & Administration

Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Board Recruitment & Development
Budgeting & Business Management for Camp Directors
Effective Training: How to Train Your Trainers
Fundraising 101
Getting to ‘Yes’ (And How to Say ‘No’ When You Really Must!)
Managing Change at Camp
Policies You Need Now!E.g. Alcohol & Drug; Financial Policies; Fund Raising (Personal Support); Holiday/Lieu Days; Nepotism; Performance Reviews; Pets; Security; Summer Worker Reimbursement; Vehicle Use Policy; Visitors; Cell Phones.
Redefining Your Organizational Chart & Creating Job Descriptions That Work
Safety & Risk Management at Camp
The ‘Year-At-A-Glance’: Planning for Success
Working Through Tension & Conflict at Camp
Preparing for the Worst: Dealing with Trauma at Camp
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

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Human Resources

Creating a Culture of Feedback and Growth Through Effective Evaluation
Growing Your Volunteer Base: 50 Ways to Value Volunteers
How to Hire & Fire: Best Practices & Practical Tips
Interns: More Than a Pool of Cheap Labour
Supervision & Training: Best Practices & Practical Tips
Working with International Staff

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Adventure & Team Building
Arts & Crafts (No More Egg Carton Caterpillars!)
Games, Sports & Special Events
Nature & Environmental Awareness
Off-Season Camping: Expanding Your Ministry Reach in the ‘Off-Season’
Outdoor Living Skills
Round Table
Work Crew 101: Creating a Bridge Between Receiving and Giving

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Food Services

Catering to Adult Groups: Menu & Service Ideas that Work
Facility Tour (Including 10 Great Ideas for Under $200 each!)
Planning: Maximizing Your Food Dollars
Round Table: Nutritious & Delicious? Creative Recipe Swap
Special Diets are Driving Me Crazy! Coping with the ‘New Normal’ in 2014
Working with Volunteers in the Kitchen

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Guest Services

Communication: Keeping Everyone on the Same Page (Does your right hand know what your left hand is doing?)
Filling the Calendar: Round Table (Marketing)
Follow-up: Round Table (Guest Group Retention)
Managing Multiple Guest Groups: Maximizing the Guest Group Experience While Maximizing Your Revenue
Marketing for Success: Moving from Contact to Contract
Service with a Smile: Exceeding Guest Expectations
Welcoming the Crowd: First Impressions Count!

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Site & Facilities

Alternative Energy: Can Geothermal or Solar Work For You?
Taming the Monster: Reducing Power Consumption at Camp
Building a Preventative Maintenance Calendar
Developing a Master Plan
Facility Tour
Lock Keying Demystified
Working with Volunteers: How to Host Great Work Parties

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Creating a Culture of Gratitude at Camp
Cultural Diversity: How Do We Attract New Canadians to Camp?
Five P’s in a Pod: Philosophy, Policy, Procedure & Personal Preference
Fred Roger’s Neighbourhood: Living in the Fish Bowl (How to Survive Living on Site)
How to Alienate Your Board, Supporters, Parents & Staff: Mistakes Leaders Make
Making It Past Year Three: How to Survive at Camp (Veteran Staff Share Their Secrets)
Effective Communication: Newsletters, Social Media, Phone Calls & More
Time Management

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