Request for Workshop Proposals

The BC Camps Conference is seeking workshop presenters for our six conference tracks. Each track represents a fundamental piece of camp operations. Below are descriptions of what each track’s educational goals are to help direct your workshop preparation and planning. The six conference tracks are:

Leadership and Directing: Seniors leaders at summer camp (Executive Directors, Program Directors, Chair of Boards of Directors) face an array of unique challenges that come with being at the top. This track aims to provide tangible tools, up to date information and strategies to overcome these daily hurdles or operational struggles.

Programming: Camp programming, and the people that run it, are the heart and sole of what makes summer camp memorable. This track aims to generate new ideas, foster inspiration and tackle those sticky situations that come up in camp programming.

Food & Guest Services: Food should never be overlooked- good nutritious wholesome meals make us all feel great and fuel the important work that needs to be done. Pumping out hundreds of meals, on a budget no less is no small feat. This track aims to inform and educate food service professionals on meal planning, recipe creation, budgeting and best practice kitchen operations.

Admin & Human Resources: Registration systems, guest services, WCB, insurances, i.e. the nuts and bolts of good business practices fall under this category. This track aims to provide current information for office and operations managers to streamline their systems.

Site & Facilities: Septic problems? Aging infrastructure? Capital build dreams? This wide-ranging category aims to provide hands on training on systems and strategies to tackle everything from preventative maintenance to capital development.

There is Too Much Good Stuff: Have a topic that is important yet doesn’t seem to fit in a category above – there are a few, which is what this category is for!

Workshop can take any of the following formats. PowerPoint’s are an excellent tool to provide visual background information, however preference will be given to workshops that encourage dialogue, interactions and hands on experiential learning. Workshop styles include:

Presentation & Dialogue: a formal presentation followed by a group dialogue where participants contribute to conversation.

Interactive ‘Walk’-shop: a mobile workshop that can take place outside or in various indoor locations; focused on the experiential teaching model where participants learn by doing.

Q&A Dialogue: a traditional question and answer period where participants have the opportunity to ask presenter any question they would like.

Interactive Lecture & Discussion: a blended style where presenter leads a presentation that encourages participation throughout.

To submit a proposal, complete and submit this Workshop Registration Form to

If you are selected, you will need to cover the cost of your travel and lodging requirements.

For any inquiries or questions, please email