2018 BCCA Keynote Speaker

Dr. Gillian Judson  

Dr. Gillian Judson is a member of the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University in B.C., Canada, one of the directors of the Imaginative Education Research Group (IERG), and coordinator of the Imaginative Ecological Education (IEE) program (www.ierg.ca/iee).  Her research and teaching is primarily concerned with the role of imagination in all learning. Gillian is an author of many books on developing ecological consciousness and the importance of imagination for engagement in education.

Engaging With The Wonders Of Nature:
Developing Sense of Place Through Imaginative Ecological Education

Imaginative Ecological Education (IEE) is a way of teaching and learning that combines imaginative engagement with learning in the natural world. By combining the body, emotion, and imagination, IEE can help develop children’s sense of place and leave them feeling a sense of connection with nature. Research shows that developing an emotional connection with nature is important for children as it can provide them with vivid proof of how interconnected they are with the world around them. Moreover, it can support a care and concern for nature and a desire to live more sustainably. Camping provides a fantastic opportunity to connect children of all ages to nature. This presentation will discuss strategies for supporting children of all ages in developing emotional attachments with the natural world. Participants will learn how specific tools of imagination can be used to engage children with the mystery and magic of the natural world in ways that support the development of their ecological understanding.