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The Keynote Speakers at the 2018 Conference

Dr. Gillian Judson, Educator – BCCA 2018 Keynote Speaker

Engaging With The Wonders Of Nature:
Developing Sense of Place Through Imaginative Ecological Education

Imaginative Ecological Education (IEE) is a way of teaching and learning that combines imaginative engagement with learning in the natural world. By combining the body, emotion, and imagination, IEE can help develop children’s sense of place and leave them feeling a sense of connection with nature. Research shows that developing an emotional connection with nature is important for children as it can provide them with vivid proof of how interconnected they are with the world around them. Moreover, it can support a care and concern for nature and a desire to live more sustainably. Camping provides a fantastic opportunity to connect children of all ages to nature. This presentation will discuss strategies for supporting children of all ages in developing emotional attachments with the natural world. Participants will learn how specific tools of imagination can be used to engage children with the mystery and magic of the natural world in ways that support the development of their ecological understanding.

Dr. Gillian Judson is a member of the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University in B.C., Canada, one of the directors of the Imaginative Education Research Group (IERG), and coordinator of the Imaginative Ecological Education (IEE) program.  Her research and teaching is primarily concerned with the role of imagination in all learning. Gillian is an author of many books on developing ecological consciousness and the importance of imagination for engagement in education.


Storm Moore, Pastor – FCC 2018 Keynote Speaker

Storm will be speaking through 3 topics during the FCC keynote sessions.

  1. Addressing the elephant in the room
  2. God, You, and Your role.
  3. Facing those elephants

Storm Moore

As a youth and young adult pastor for over 25 years, Storm has spoken at numerous camps across Canada and has seen firsthand how God is using the camping ministry to either begin or strengthen relationships with Christ. Storm is a gifted communicator and has a God-given ability to keep the Gospel message relevant, fun and engaging. Storm and his wife of 25 years, Karen,  are now empty nesters and are enjoying every quiet moment.

Calder Cheverie,  Filmmaker – BCCA 2018 Keynote Speaker


Exploring how wilderness space shapes Canada’s identity, its culture and imagination, The Peel Project follows six artists as they paddle into the Arctic Circle through the Yukon and Northwest Territories in The Peel River Watershed. The Peel is last intact watershed left in North America, and an ongoing legal battle has been fighting to keep the region protected despite mounting pressure to open it to mining claims.

Through the lens of these six artists: a Metis writer, a queer photographer, a visual artist, a painter, a glass artist/sculptor, and a composer/sound artist — The Peel Project follows their attempts to create artwork in the true wilderness of Canada’s high north. Set in an awe-inspiring landscape the world is in peril of losing, the peel project is a story of art, adventure and Canadian identity.

A few years ago, Calder was the Keynote Speaker at our annual BC Camping Conference sharing his experience & adventures while filming ‘The Peel Project’. At this year’s conference we will revisit his talk by viewing the film, and following up with a Q&A session about his experience. Calder is currently the Outdoor School & Summer Camp Manager at Fircom.


Lisa Salazar,  Educator- BCCA 2018 Keynote Speaker

Lisa Salazar

Societal trends are evolving, presenting new opportunities and challenges for summer camps to face. With these challenges we can choose to ignore them, or we can choose to rise up and face the​m straight on, sometimes taking us out of our comfort zone.
​ ​
Today’s youth may be same-sex attracted, transgender and non-binary. They navigate life through a lens that often makes them imagine a future that is frightening due to fear of rejection, ridicule and abandonment. This years keynote speaker Lisa Salazar will speak to this topic and the role summer camps can play in being inclusive to all campers. Sharing useful information, Lisa will speak to how this community is in a state of emergence and coming to light​, in large part, ​due ​to the internet and the sharing of information.  To be inclusive may seem scandalous and radical, but likely will bring out the very best in each of us and help these campers embrace their lives without fear. While there may be no one simple solution for all, Lisa will invite us to think of what it means for each of our camps and to consider what possible resolutions may be out there.
Lisa Salazar holds a master’s degree in public and pastoral leadership from the Vancouver School of Theology and is doing an internship as a chaplain at St. Paul’s Hospital. She is on the board of directors for Qmunity, BC’s queer, trans and Two-Spirit resource centre, where as a volunteer she has co-facilitated inclusivity workshops since 2012.  Lisa has had several opinion editorials dealing with transgender issues published in the Vancouver Sun and Province.





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