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The Keynote Speakers at the 2019 Conference

Beth Allison, Camp Hacker, GoCampPro, Camp Code

BCCA 2019 Keynote Speaker

Beth Allison_2017 copy“Intensive Care Units:  How We Come Together to Change the World”

Connection is why we’re here. It’s what gives meaning and purpose to our lives. This is what it’s all about. Join Beth as she shares her unique perspective, gives us practical and useful tips and techniques to incorporate into our life right now and ones we can use this summer to inspire our people to be intentional and authentic with all our connections. #differencemakers

Bio: After 42 years in the Camp industry, Beth is more passionate than ever about intentional leadership training and building solid, supportive community.  After serving as an Executive Director of five summer camps in Ontario, Canada, she created CampHacker with her husband, Travis, became a founding member of GoCampPro, and is now an author, trainer, and one of the hosts of Camp Code, a podcast dedicated to leadership training.  Her goal is to make everyone she has the privilege to meet feel valued and affirmed for who they are.  Oh, and she’s a sucker for a great acronym.  


Gabrielle Raill, Camp Hacker, Camp Code

BCCA 2019 Keynote Speaker

“Why The Real World Needs To Be More Like Summer Camp” Gabrielle Raille

“I wish the ‘real world’ was more like camp!” is something camp directors hear over and over again from campers…  second only to what we get asked by parents… “So what do you DO the rest of the year?”

Using the national marketing campaign Thanks to Camp, let’s bridge the gap between the impact we have on our communities and how our profession is perceived.

Join Gabrielle in a journey where we change the conversation, express the positive impact of camp and become the go-to experts that the “Real World” needs to listen to.

Bio: Gabrielle Raill has combined her passion for education and her camp experience to develop a wide range of educational and developmental programs.  She has consulted with several organizations including The International Camping Fellowship and NASA. She is the Camp Director of Camp Ouareau where her mission is to create a positive female environment for the all-girls camp. In addition, she is a proud co-host of the podcast, Camp Code and Camp Hacker.


Dr. Hartley Banack, UBC Faculty of Education

BCCA Keynote Speaker

Hart-Banack_1I am excited to be speaking to the BCCA and FCC members about the connections between camp and the new BC Ministry of Education curriculum.  I will share with you my perspectives based on my lived experiences with the BCCA/FCC and summer camps in BC, along with my current role as the Outdoor Environmental Education coordinator and instructor for the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education at UBC, where I work with pre-service and in-service K-12 teachers.  I will position the concept of where within the context of camps and discuss what research shows about how time spent outdoors impacts our beliefs, intentions and actions.

Bio:  I am rather passionate about outdoor learning and time spent outdoors during learning and life.  I am attempting to live more ‘locally’ (whatever that might mean, more of a where question perhaps), and explore this in my approach to outdoor learning.  I hold a BC teaching certificate (B.Ed.) from SFU, and have taught with various age groups and in distinct educational settings, including pre-school, elementary school, high school, post-secondary school, and with adults and seniors, in Canada and Chile. My educational pursuits also include a Master’s (Diversity in Curriculum and Instruction) and a Ph.D. (Curriculum Theory and Implementation), both from SFU. I have enjoyed participating in experiences with some fairly radical work teams, which have significantly (in)formed my “ways” of teamwork and learning. I am rather open to diversity, difference, and making meaning through sharing and participation. I have learned that outdoor quests are not about the summit, but rather an adventure.



This year the BC Camping Conference was fortunate to receive funding for our three BCCA keynote speakers: Beth Allison, Gabrielle Raill and Hartley Banack. This funding came from the Bruno Marowetz Speaker Sponsorship Program, which is operated by The Society of Camp Directors. The fund was established in 1998 to honour the late Bruno Morawetz, one of the founding members of the society. Bruno represented a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, personal integrity and true dedication to the improvement of camping. Our keynotes this year will embody to these themes and serve to provide us all with inspiration and education. Thank you to the Society of Camp Directors for selecting the BC Camping Conference as a recipient this year.

Randy Hein, Pastor

FCC 2019 Keynote Speaker

Randy Hein-2 copy

Expanding the Possibilities
The ever-shifting spiritual landscape of British Columbia presents many challenges.  In light of this, many Christians are asking:
  • How do we live faithfully these days?
  • How do we proclaim a message of hospitality and unity in times of tension and growing polarization?
  • How do we promote community and togetherness in a world of hyper-individualism and public ambivalence?
  • How to we practice generosity and service in an age of consumerism and entitlement?

Ultimately, you may be asking, “In times such as these, is it possible for camps to provide a subversive, gospel-soaked, alternative reality for campers to experience?”

I believe the answer is a resounding “Yes!”.  Through the lens of Paul’s letter to the Colossians, we will explore these questions and more during our sessions together.

Bio: Randy has been a pastor in Victoria for the past 20 years. After an academic sabbatical used to research the relationship between community, faith andart, he has come together with a grassroots group of leaders to give birth to Hollydene Community Church. Randy is super passionate about community, justice issues, the local arts scene, coffee, and his beloved Canucks. After all these years, the love of Jesus still amazes him. He has incrediblefondness for young leaders and desires to see them mentored relationally, developed theologically and engaged socially. Randy also works part-time for Vision Ministries and teaches at Camp Imadene’s Auxano program. He lives with his wife Marcy and their two adult children Caleb and Sarah.


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